About Us

Our drivers make you feel like someone special; we take such good care our customers that we make them feel like family. Whenever your are going somewhere, there’s absolutely no other company that will make you feel this good.

Salt River Transportation LLC, Transportation was founded in 2003 and serves the all valley Metro area.  Our goal is providing high quality transportation to the citizens, safely and comfortably. Our team and drivers are courteous and professional service.

Salt River Transportation LLC, Transportation specializes in servicing workers compensation injury and families; taking care, including those with special needs, from home to medical appointments every time.  We proud ourselves on the individualized attention and care service to each patient.

We service medical facilities, government agencies, schools, group homes, day care centers, corporations and any group looking to get from one place to another on time to give you peace of mind.

Our fleet vehicles are comfortable for our passengers, offer wheelchair accessibility if necessary, and each vehicle is fully insured and in compliance with azdot.gov (AZDOT) requirements including The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation.

salt river transportation LLC.